We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves” – Galileo

I offer non-judgemental One-on-One support and Group Movement classes.
We use embodiment tools which include playfulness, creativity + subtle, deep listening skills.
This work brings strength, authentic vitality, mental focus/clarity and inter-connection.

My experience includes trauma techniques, movement, meditation, theater and dance, and somatic sexuality. I use science research to support the integration of intellect and intuitive knowledge. More on my background.

The more we come to notice the direct sensations we are experiencing, the more we are able to shape how we move forward in the world. Put another way, there is much in the world which we cannot control – and Paying attention to sensations can actually influence our path.

We are … buffeted and swayed by sensory information that seems irrelevant and hardly noticeable” Yet, studies show that sitting in a hard chair directly effects our judgements, mood, decision making – Neurobiologist Robert Sapolsky.

To feel seen is often synonymous with a feeling of being loved/cared for. Listening to our senses can flood our own being with this experience of deep love. And we can use these tools to deeply listen to others – deepening connection and communication with other humans and the environment. These tools are ACTIVIST tools, helping us to more fully give ourselves and others attention – to give CARE – at the most basic and profound level.