Relating to Others – Class Notes 2019 – New Orleans

27 Sept – Science, Somatics and Relating to Others – This is made for people who want to expand their skills of listening, enhancing emotional labor skills, people interested in expanding their intimacy skills. We will do work in solo, partners and group. We will talk a bit about current research dealing with social cognition (aka how we make sense of the world, together.)

both dates: Fridays – 6:00 – 8:00pm – 623 N. Rendon St – New Orleans.

EMAIL to register at eenaction *AT* gmail *DOT* com.
*This series is not created to replace individual support needs.  If you’d like more info/resources for more individual support, drop me a line.

FEE info
This sliding scale system is a way to make this series accessible to those who do not have access to money. If you do have access to money, please DO contribute accordingly, as a way to keep SUSTAINABLE STUDIO space and sustainable FACILITATION. No one will be turned away for lack of funds!
Here is some guide. Which one most fits your situation:
$10 or Less – struggling to make ends meet/no savings; debt
$10-15 – steady annual-average income/support; stable housing; adventure-entertainment-eating-out budget; savings
$15-20 – home-property owner; regular vacations; middle class economy
$20-35+ – upper-middle/upper class economy


PAST- archive classes –

13 Sept – Science, Somatics + Nature – We will talk about some aspects of science and nature and we will practice feeling into our experience. This is a combination of talking and practice (no experience needed.) This work helps me FEEL more interconnected with all of nature.

23 Aug – All about Overwhelm – Stress, trauma and bodies.
We’ll look at the nervous system, the enteric nervous system, we’ll talk a bit about Polyvagal theory. We’ll look at science studies relating to stress and trauma. We’ll talk about clues to identify various states of system activation (aka if a person is “frozen” or simply still.) We’ll explore practical techniques for everyday activation/stress, and for bigger system overwhelm.

30 Aug – Creativity, Raising Energy Levels + Paying Attention to Sensations
This week is all about play, improvisation, creativity, aerobic activity, mind-less and mind-ful moving. We look at science studies about how and why these activities are like eating your vegetables-nutritious. And, of course, we will do – play, practice, move. (No movement experience is needed. All activity is designed to allow participation at the capacity you are at. In other words, even if you are injured or if you’re terrified of moving/playing, or if you are well-seasoned, you are welcome!)

16 Aug – Depression – effects in the body + when and how to rest-or-activate.
When you are down a lot is going on in your system. We’ll talk about some of the science end of this experience. We’ll practice feeling into sensations of emotions, thoughts, body. We will explore questions like, “do I really need to rest? or am I just being lazy?” We will explore techniques to activate oneself. We will explore techniques to rest. We will explore how we relate to depression in others.

2 Aug – Intersectional Oppression I. + 9 Aug – Intersectional Oppression II.
Sexism, racism, homophobia, ableism… How has culture woven it’s way into YOUR tissues? This topic will deal with related science and practice for:
* Learning to feel some of the ways oppression can be felt/frozen in our bodies, moment to moment.
* Learning about ways that our bodies store information-remember, change-learn – epigenetics/generational knowledge.
* Learning practical tools (techniques) to loosen and unravel oppressive effects.
* Learning practical tools to be aware/listen to/support others’ experience with oppression.