Group Practice

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“The most exciting phrase to hear … the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘eureka!’ but, ‘that’s funny…”- Isaac Asimov. CURRENT schedule. Public Reviews.

Group Sessions typically involve:
COMING INTO THE BODY – Slow, embodiment, grounding techniques to help you get acquainted with/feel safe in the space and to get a sense of the others in the room. Some exercises bring you nuanced instruction about how to move with more ease (whether in dance or just through your daily life). Some are solo, some involve basic partner touch (such as a hand to a shoulder.)
TILLING THE SOIL – Here we take childlike play very seriously. The techniques are to raise energy levels, to get the muscles pumping and the proprioceptive-reactors alert, to get you out of your head! We work muscles and ligaments, raise heart rates. We honor our bodies brilliant evolutionary form, built to move in a variety of ways, through wild terrain.
DEEP, CONSCIOUS EXPLORATION/PLAY – This is group improvisation. You ask yourself how does it feel right to move, right now? The improvisation might travel into contact with others (including eye contact, touch contact, smell-distance contact) or you might remain solo. We stay wide awake, whether one is in a state of stillness or fast moving. Deep states of creativity and altered conscious experience are common.

The number one (and, really, the only) rule in all of these sessions is: continually listen for what is right for you. These are on-going, life-long practice of learning to FEEL. These tools, like nourishing food, are needed regularly – especially in relation to the isolating and sedentary effects of modern culture. Once we begin to listen to our sensations, to feel our present physiological state, then we can better actively take care of ourselves, in any situation. We can learn what it feels like to be in a physiological state of “frozen”. We learn ways to move which bring safety, comfort and playful vitality. We learn intimacy skills through actively listening to the entire organism of another. We learn to ALLOW our organism to do what it needs in order to thrive.

We move in solo, duo and group interaction. You will never be forced to work with someone with whom you don’t feel comfortable. You are encouraged to modify all exercises to fit yourself – and given support in doing so, if needed. All levels of experience and mobility are welcome.

These sessions are similar to/informed by: martial arts, somatic-contemporary dance, theater practice, ‘Jedi’ mind workout, Vipassana meditation, therapy, trauma remediation technique, improvisation training, Cognitive Science and Complex systems studies. We will work hard and laugh often.