One-on-One Sessions

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What We Do
Together we find tools to fit you, to fit the real-life circumstances of your life. Often a session is a combination of talking and somatic practice. These are tools to bring mental clarity, emotional regulation, and physical softening. Together we find which practices feel the most effective for your situation, and we make a plan for what and how you want to incorporate these tools into your life.

Who Is It For?
This work is suited to navigating daily life difficulties, as well as dealing with deeper, long-term topics. It is for all who want experienced, non-judgemental support and practical tools. It is for those who want more strength, clarity, precision, presence, flow, connection, vitality. If you are dealing with topics of sensuality/sexuality, I also offer sessions with this specific focus.

To get a feel if this work/I am right for you, you might try reading public Reviews, What Others Have Said, read about my experience, Contact me, or try out a group class. Fee info is below.

People often seek my support with stress, mental focus/life clarity, to feel strong/capable, when feeling disconnected from their body, for help establishing a movement routine, depression, when traditional talk therapy is  not agood fit/enough support, low energy, looping thought patterns/stuck in your head, low self confidence, relationship difficulty, disconnected from sexuality, mood swings, boundary work (mental-physical), wanting to tap into creativity, playfulness, inner wisdom.